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For over 30 years SC Pacific Group has been a part of the real estate development community contributing to the growth and vibrancy that is uniquely California. Identifying in-fill real estate opportunities and employing value adding strategies such as re-use, re-zoning or renovation, we create successful projects for our investors -which is our core strength. As General Contractors we are soundly grounded with 3 generations of construction experience. With the experience to make sound decisions and manage the process, we become a partner understanding your vision by creating an efficient and cost effective program to implement your dream. Our collaborative culture and consensus building methods work to gain agency approvals and develop quality designed projects. Forging strategic alliances and partnerships to leverage a project, or to create a superior team is our hallmark. As a developer, builder or consultant, our experience gives us the valuable insight and knowledge to help our clients not only achieve their vision, but to exceed their expectations.